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Ready to Roll on Your Own Skates?

Roller Skating Centre in Manchester

Ready to Roll on Your Own Skates?

If you love skating as much as us, you’ve probably considered buying your own skates. If you’re still on the fence, check out the pros and cons of buying skates below.


Renting is a great way to try out quad skates and inlines without needing to make a costly investment. When you rent from us, you don’t have to clean, maintain, or store your skates. If you’re considering getting skates for your children, renting is a great option so that they don’t outgrow their skates as fast as you can buy them!

Of course, when you rent, you’ll be more limited by what’s available, and you’ll have to pay each time you use them. 


If you skate a lot, buying your own pair of quads or inline skates might be right for you. When you buy from The Manchester Skate Shop you can get the exact size, look, and features you want. This freedom is great for more seasoned skaters looking for more precision and customization.

The major downside of renting is that buying might be more expensive than renting (depending on how much you skate). There is also a time and cost commitment to maintaining your own pair of skates.

Do you think the rewards of skate ownership are right for you? Then come visit our Pro Shop!

We carry a ton of skates and skating accessories for sale. When you visit The Manchester Skate Shop, we’ll help you with fit and sizing. Plus, you can check out the many different styles and features available. And if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, we’re always more than happy to order what you need!

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