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Whistleblowing Policy

Roller Skating Centre in Manchester

Manchester Roller Sports wishes its workers to be able to express their concerns if they believe something is seriously wrong in the workplace. Indeed, workers have a duty of trust to Manchester Roller Sports and it is wrong for any worker to withhold information necessary for the proper conduct of the organisation’s affairs.


If something is troubling you that you think Manchester Roller Sports should know about or look into, please use this procedure. It is sufficient that you have a reasonable belief that the information they are disclosing is correct.


This procedure aims to help you to disclose any concerns at an early stage and in the right way. Often concerns can be easily resolved but it may be that you have become aware of something seriously wrong, such as theft, or a major health and safety risk. We would rather that you raised the matter straightaway even if it is just a concern without any definite proof.


If you are unsure whether to use this procedure or you want independent advice at any stage, you may contact the independent charity Public Concern at Work on 0207 404 6609. Their lawyers can give you free confidential advice at any stage about how to raise a concern about serious malpractice at work. Public Concern at Work will be able to advise you on reporting matters to outside bodies such as the police and on the circumstances in which you may be able to contact an outside body safely.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act

The Public Interest Disclosure Act protects “whistle-blowers” from victimisation and dismissal when they speak out within an agreed process such as this policy. Protection under the Act is primarily for concerns where the interests of others or the organisation are at risk, for example:

  • a criminal act
  • a failure to comply with legal obligation
  • a miscarriage of justice
  • a danger to health and safety
  • damage to the environment serious malpractice
  • financial irregularities
  • an attempt to cover up any of these


If you raise a genuine concern under this procedure, you will not be at risk of losing your job or suffering criticism just because you made the disclosure. Provided you are acting in good faith, it does not matter if you are mistaken.


If you ask us to keep your identity confidential, we will not disclose it without your consent. If the situation arises where we are not able to resolve the concern without revealing your identity (for instance because your evidence is needed in court), we will discuss with you whether and how we can proceed.


No protection can be given to workers raising matters anonymously.


Put your concerns in letter marked ‚ÄúPrivate and Confidential” that is sent to the Manager and copied to the Chair of Manchester Roller Sports. Please say if you want to raise the matter in confidence so that appropriate action can be taken


The Manager will decide the nature, timescale and scope of the investigation and will write to people concerned setting out the arrangements.


Where the disclosure concerns the actions of the Manager, the disclosure letter should be addressed to the Chair of the Trustees who will decide how and by whom the investigation will be conducted.


You will be informed of who is handling the matter, how you can contact him/her and whether your further assistance may be needed. You may be asked how you think the matter might best be resolved.


If you have any personal interest in the matter, you should include this in your letter raising your concerns.


If your concern should more appropriately be addressed under the Grievance Procedure we will advise you of this.


You will be kept informed of progress as far as possible though it may not be appropriate to tell you the full details of findings or actions taken if it infringes a requirement to maintain confidentiality for someone else.

Manchester Roller Sports Limited is a charitable community benefit society. Registered No. 8121. Registered Office: Ardwick Sports Hall, 225 Stockport Road, Ardwick, Manchester M12 4DY.