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Training & Personal Development Policy

Roller Skating Centre in Manchester

This policy applies to all Manchester Roller Sports employees and volunteers.

Policy Statement

Manchester Roller Sports supports the training and development of all employees and volunteers, in order to increase knowledge, skills and experience for use within the organisation. It also encourages employees and volunteers to participate in other personal and professional development.


The training and development budget provides some funding for training fees and related costs, as well as other professional development costs (e.g. conference attendance). Manchester Roller Sports may also grant time-off for study purposes.

The training and development needs of employees [and volunteers] are identified and recorded annually, and reviewed in supervision meetings. Employees [and volunteers] will report on training they have undertaken, in order to give an opportunity for reflection on beneficial outcomes for themselves and Manchester Roller Sports.

Proposals for training will be agreed by the Manager. In addition to training fee costs and other related expenses, this may include paid study time for employees.

For training in priority Category A (see below), the Manager will decide on any paid study time to be granted, up to a maximum of 15 days (or 30 half days) per annum. Any other paid or unpaid study time will be granted at the discretion of the Board.

Individual decisions to fund, or otherwise support, training, will be reported on the staff notice board. An annual report on staff training and development will be presented to the Board, and a brief report included in the Annual Review.

Training opportunities will be taken to fall into one of three categories, A, B or C. Category A will be given the highest priority, and category C the lowest:


A Training directly related to the employee’s [or volunteer’s] current duties, and intended to increase the capacity of the individual to fulfil those duties effectively.
B Training which promotes the personal and professional development of the employee and may in future directly benefit their capacity to contribute to Manchester Roller Sports, in their current job role or any other at Manchester Roller Sports. For employees who are not graduates, fees for part-time degree courses (or for access courses or general academic courses which lead towards degree level study) will normally be included in this category.
C Other accredited courses, or other training and development opportunities of recognised quality.

Training opportunities in Categories B and C will not be open to volunteers on order not to jeopardise their volunteer status, unless they qualify for these opportunities as benefits provided to all the service’s beneficiaries.

Subject to funds available in the budget (note: this will include any earmarked funding for specific post holders from project funders) requests for funded training will be judged according to four criteria:

  • The category of training to be funded – see above at paragraph 3.
  • Any previous Manchester Roller Sports funding for the employee’s [or volunteer’s] training in the current or previous year, with priority given to employees [and volunteers] with the lowest recent allocations.
  • Any previous time off for study in the current or previous year.
  • Any conflicting operational priorities.

A record of the education and training history of employees [and volunteers], including training and development undertaken whilst employed by Manchester Roller Sports, will be kept on file.


Appendix: Templates


Continuing Professional Development Plan: P Jobsworth 2011/12

NB Year Plan may consist of a number of tables, one for each topic.



Continuing Professional Development Record: P Jobsworth

Date of Employment with Manchester Roller Sports:

DATES DURATION TOPIC Level / Qualification / accreditation


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