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Recruitment & Selection Procedure

Roller Skating Centre in Manchester


  • Applicability


All posts of one year’s duration or more will be recruited through open public advertisement according to the policy and procedure described here, unless otherwise authorised by the Board.

  • Forming a panel


(a) The Board will appoint a recruitment panel for each vacancy and nominate one member to chair the panel.

(b) Recruitment and selection panels will normally consist of three people, including a Trustee and the Manager. Where possible the third member of the panel will be selected to contribute additional relevant experience either of the job area, or of recruitment practice in general, and may be external to Manchester Roller Sports. Both genders will normally be represented on the Panel.

(c) Panel members will in all cases receive initial briefing and training in Manchester Roller Sports recruitment and selection policy and practice. Panel members will be required to participate in review and update training, at least every two years.

  • Job description and person specification


(a) Job descriptions and person specifications are necessary for all posts and must be approved by the recruitment panel. There is a standard format for each.

(b) Where recruitment is to fill an existing post, the role and purposes of the post will first be reviewed. This is the opportunity to update the job description and person specification.

(c) Each post will be risk-assessed at this stage to establish what level of disclosure check (if any) will be required, as set out in our Criminal Records Policy.

  • Advertising


(a) Content

Normally advertisements will include:

  • Manchester Roller Sports name and any logo (and funder’s logo, if required)
  • Job title
  • Salary / salary range
  • Brief job outline
  • Main candidate requirements
  • Application deadline
  • Interview date
  • Address, telephone and email contact details to obtain application packs
  • Any indication that the post is reserved (if applicable)
  • Manchester Roller Sports charity and company numbers

The Panel must agree text of advertisements

(b) Media

Advertisements must be placed in media with an appropriate breadth of audience to attract the interest of significant numbers of appropriately qualified candidates. The costs of advertisements and availability of funding will be factors in decisions for individual posts.

The recommended publicity channels for senior posts will be:

  • The Guardian (Wednesday, Society, and website)
  • e-mail notice to key stakeholders and other partner agencies
  • Manchester Evening News and its sister papers
  • Job Centre Plus

The recommended placement for advertisements for junior posts will be:

  • Jobcentre Plus
  • local free newspaper

(c) Monitoring

We will record the number of applicants from different advertising sources and the breakdown of applicants by gender and ethnicity. We will use this information to review future advertising strategy.

  • Job application packs


(a) Prospective applicants will receive the following items:

  • Cover letter
  • Background information about Manchester Roller Sports
  • Job description and Person specification, with summary of terms and conditions of employment
  • Application form with appropriate guidance
  • Equal opportunities monitoring form


  • Other specific job information (if applicable)

(b) Application packs will be made available on request in alternative formats for people with a visual impairment, where reasonable and practical.

  • Submission of applications


Closing time for job applications will normally be first post on the closing day of the application period. No applications will be accepted after the closing time and date. In some circumstances job applications may be made in alternative formats. This must be agreed in advance in order to allow time to adapt the short-listing process as necessary.

  • Short listing


(a) Members of the Panel should declare an interest at any point if they identify candidates personally known to them. If panel members have any doubt about this they should consult the Panel’s chair.

(b) Panels will normally meet to short list candidates. In exceptional circumstances panel members may short list independently outside a meeting. In any such case the process for reconciling individual panel members’ judgements on candidates’ applications must be agreed in advance.

(c) Short listing will be conducted against the person specification for the post, and suitable, agreed candidates will be short-listed. Normally candidates will be interviewed on a single day, and this may be a factor in the number of candidates short-listed.

(e) If no candidate meets the person specification, none will be short-listed.

(f) The Panel will keep a written record of their judgements of individual applications against the person specification, and their agreed reasons for short-listing decisions.

(g) The Panel will decide on any additional assessment to accompany the selection interview (e.g. prepared presentation, tests relating to PC use, etc). The panel will also agree the interview questions. This may be at the short listing meeting, or later. In all cases questions will be designed solely to identify skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the post. All candidates will be asked the same questions, with the option to pre-agree specific additional questions to individual candidates consistent with identifying how the individual meets the person specification.

(h) The Panel may choose to invite candidates to arrive early to view the Manchester Roller Sports offices, see the relevant working space for the post, and to meet prospective colleagues.

(j) The Panel will delegate administrative responsibility for interview arrangements. Short-listed candidates will be notified in writing. If time is short candidates may also be contacted by phone. Normally candidates should be told how many panel members there would be. Any additional assessment activity forming part of the selection process must be described. Candidates will be told that travel claims at the public transport rate will be met. Any interview requirements of candidates on


disability or health grounds will be addressed at this stage.

  • Interview and selection


(a) The Panel will delegate responsibility for greeting candidates on arrival. Candidates will be invited to make travel expense claims at this stage.

(b) Normally panel interviews will last 30-40 minutes. The chair will introduce panel members, and explain the interview process.

(c) Recording sheets for each candidate will be provided to panel members. Main points from candidates’ answers (and from any presentation to the panel) will be recorded. Recording numerical scores for candidates’ answers is recommended but not essential. Individual panel members do need to (i) adopt a consistent approach for all candidates and (ii) make a written record sufficient to highlight significant strengths or weaknesses in individual candidate responses to questions.

(d) When all candidates have been interviewed, the panel will make a decision on the same day. Where there is a consensus that individual candidates are weaker than others and will not be considered further, the reasons for the decision should be recorded. Discussion of stronger candidates will normally lead to identifying one candidate to be offered the post. The stronger candidates will be placed in an agreed order, and a decision taken as to whether a second (or further) candidate is also judged to be appointable. Reasons for the decisions will be recorded. If the top candidate subsequently declines the offer (see also below under References) the job offer may be made to the next ranked appointable candidate.

(e) The Panel will collect all recording sheets, and any other summary of judgements on individual candidates, for retention by Manchester Roller Sports.

  • Making a job offer


(a) The Panel will delegate responsibility for phoning the successful candidate on the same day as the interview. This should be explained at the interview, and the chair should check the phone number at which candidates can be contacted later on the interview day.

(b) The oral offer of the appointment will be made subject to receipt of satisfactory references, CRB check and check on entitlement to work in the UK. The candidate will be asked to confirm that they are prepared in principle to accept the offer. The job offer will then be put in writing. It will include the proposed salary point within the advertised grade and starting date for employment, or will identify the issues for further discussion. The written offer must repeat that the offer of appointment is subject to satisfactory checks as set out above. The candidate will be asked to confirm acceptance of the post in writing.

  1. References and Pre-employment Checks

References will be taken up only after offer of appointment. Two written references are required, one from the current or most recent employer.

Satisfactory references and CRB clearance must be received and approved by the Manager or the Chair before the individual starts work.

Checks on entitlement to work in the UK, as set out by the UK border Agency in Preventing illegal working: summary guidance for employers, must also be carried out by the Manager or the Chair before the individual starts work.

  1. Pre-employment action for new appointees

Contact between the new employee and the Manager (or Chair) may be useful before the start date, for the purposes of background briefing, or other issues around starting employment. This depends on individual circumstances. Other Manchester Roller Sports staff should be informed of the individual’s appointment as soon as possible. The workspace of the new employee should be cleared ready for their arrival.

  1. Follow-up action for other candidates

(a) Applicants who have been unsuccessful will receive written confirmation of that outcome. In the case of applicants who were not short-listed, this should be a simple and brief letter of acknowledgement.

(b) Unsuccessful candidates who were short-listed and interviewed should receive individual letters, giving a brief statement about the outcome, and thanking them for their application. They should be invited to contact the person nominated by the Panel for any further feedback. It is also open to the Panel to telephone the other interviewees on the day of interviews, once the job offer has been made and orally accepted by another candidate. This has the advantage of giving candidates a quick decision, and of enabling the Panel to give feedback whilst recollections are still fresh in mind.

  1. Archive of recruitment and selection process

Copies of advertisement texts, a full set of the job application pack, all application forms, all personal information forms, and written records of the short listing and interview day decisions from the panel, will be retained by Manchester Roller Sports for 15 months, in case of any claim for unfair treatment.

Manchester Roller Sports Limited is a charitable community benefit society. Registered No. 8121. Registered Office: Ardwick Sports Hall, 225 Stockport Road, Ardwick, Manchester M12 4DY.