Location: Ardwick Sports Hall, M12 4DY
0161 273 7913


Roller Skating Centre in Manchester

  • Health and Safety Policy and Procedure. See H&S issue page. Could include:
    • Workstation assessment procedure.
    • Fire safety.
  • Equal Opportunities Statement of Intent. See Equal Opps bodies for some guidance. Could include:
    • Harassment.
    • reference to Recruitment procedure.
  • Confidentiality Policy (including Data Protection – see Info Management page).
  • Risk Assessment. This was under H&S, but the current charity SORP (accounting standard) requires trustees to consider risks and review the steps needed to mitigate them much more widely. See sample document, and the Insurances/Risk Management issues page.


  • Volunteers. See Volunteers page for sources of advice.
    • Basic Policy (when you would use volunteers, how to recruit/assess suitability, management, two-way ‘contract’).
    • Expenses Policy (with due regard to Inland Revenue rules – see Finance Procedures or Tax and Expenses page).
    • Volunteer Charter, Exit Interview Questionnaire, and other examples should be available at the Volunteer Managers discussion list (look under Files).
  • Staff Disciplinary procedure.
  • Staff Grievance procedure.
  • Staff Appraisal procedure. See sample Appraisal Form.
  • Supervision.
  • Staff expenses – see Finance Procedures below and refer to Pay, Tax and Expenses page
  • Staff loans (travel, cycle, car).
  • Union recognition Policy.
  • Sick Leave Policy and procedure.
  • Leave policy and procedure.
  • Time off in Lieu Policy and procedure.
  • Public Duties.

People management issues are covered further on the linked page.

  • NCVO will send model standard and fixed term employment contracts in return for an sae to the Helpdesk, NCVO, Regent’s Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL (helpdesk phone 0845 600 4500).
  • See Employment page for more sources of advice, including relevant government regulations.

Office Management

  • Green Office Policy/Environmental Impact. See issues page.
  • E-mail/internet use policy.
  • Personal, or associated group, use of office facilities.
  • Security.

Also see Admin page for issues.

Ethics, Empowerment, Improvement


  • Sponsorship or Fundraising Policy.
  • Partnership working. See issues page, including Compacts with public sector funders which should be common to all organisations in the area.
  • Campaigning Policy. Methods, issues, co-operation?
  • Media Handling – who is authorised to say what, how to handle probing questions. Think about before a sensitive issue hits! See Getting the message across.
  • Supplier selection (fairness or reasons for preferences such as environmental or social, value for money, reference to Finance Procedures).


See Finance Resources page.

  • Insurances (possibly for events, volunteers, trustees etc. as well legal requirements).
  • Reserves Policy (required under Charity SORP).
  • Other accounting policies often part of audit process (eg valuation of assets).
  • Financial Policies and Procedures. See Sample.


See Governance page.

  • AGM procedures.
  • Committee Procedures (standing orders). What to do in the absence of the chair, voting, declarations of interest, expenses.
  • Management Committee/Board (and sub-committee) Terms of Reference. Could be part of standing orders. Constitution may give the legal framework, but not usually easy to refer to. Can help to clarify where policy is made, where responsibility for key areas lies (with sub-committee, main committee, chair, senior staff, outside consultant etc). If a registered charity or company, make sure that ‘lines of responsibility’ back to the Board are clear.
  • Job descriptions for officers – chair, treasurer (see sample Financial Procedures), secretary and any others.
  • Conflicts of Interest.

Manchester Roller Sports Limited is a charitable community benefit society. Registered No. 8121. Registered Office: Ardwick Sports Hall, 225 Stockport Road, Ardwick, Manchester M12 4DY.