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How to Skate without Falling Over

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How to Skate without Falling Over

Ever beginner asks: How can I skate without falling over?

Simple answer: don’t fall over, here’s how to ensure you stay upright, or at least fall safely and gracefully.

Bend your knees so that when you look down at your toes your knees hide your view of them. This will lower your center of gravity so that you will be more balanced.

If you do lose your balance, stretch your palms forward touching the pavement first with your wrist guards, then your knee pads, and finally your elbow pads. These guards have plastic caps so that you will slide over the skating surface thus minimizing the impact of the fall.

When you start skating, find a place that is level and smooth like a roller rink, and has little or no traffic – like a parking lot on Sunday.

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