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4 Tips for Roller Skating Beginners

We love youtube videos, theyre a great way to learn and explain the basics of roller skating Check out this video from Howcast: They talk about roller skating tips for beginners. If you’ve never roller skated before, the biggest thing that you need to think about is balance. You would think balance is pretty easy,…
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How to Skate without Falling Over

Ever beginner asks: How can I skate without falling over? Simple answer: don’t fall over, here’s how to ensure you stay upright, or at least fall safely and gracefully. Bend your knees so that when you look down at your toes your knees hide your view of them. This will lower your center of gravity…
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Manchester Roller Sports Limited is a charitable community benefit society. Registered No. 8121. Registered Office: Ardwick Sports Hall, 225 Stockport Road, Ardwick, Manchester M12 4DY.