Location: Ardwick Sports Hall, M12 4DY
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Roller Skating Centre in Manchester

What is Manchester Roller Sports?

Manchester Roller Sports Limited is a Charitable Community Benefit Society. We call ourselves a “Club” rather than “Society”. Our club has members, anyone can join, and the club operates for the sake of the charitable aims, which benefit the community. These aims are:

  • promoting and encouraging participation in roller sports (including but not limited to

roller skating, roller hockey and roller derby) as sporting and recreational activities for

people of all abilities, within the local community;

  • providing access to sporting facilities and opportunities regardless of age, income,

ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality or religious beliefs;

It’s simple, we want to tell people about roller skating sports, and let people play roller skating sports. We want to provide a venue where anyone, no matter who they are, can come and learn/play/enjoy roller skating sports. We really don’t mind if you’re the greatest skater the world has ever seen or you resemble bambi on ice or even if you don’t actually skate at all and just like being here and helping out – if you come, you’ll be treated the same as everyone else from day 1.

How does the club work?

To join the club you pay a £10 sign up fee, anyone can join.

The £10 sign up fee purchases one share in the Club and is kept on a register of members by the club secretary. This share is yours, it cant be sold or transferred, it is just there, you only ever need to purchase one share, but you can choose at any time to buy more shares, you must be a shareholder to take a subscription.   

The £10/month subscription makes you an active member who can access the services and facilities of the club and if you are over 18, you are entitled to one vote on each matter at the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting is a meeting held once a year, at this meeting anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. At least 14 days before the meeting, every active member will get a written copy of everything that will be discussed and all items that will be voted upon – this is called an Agenda. At the meeting, only adult active members will be entitled to vote and only items on the Agenda will be voted upon. 

The Agenda is set by a group of people known as the Board of Trustees.

How does the Board of Trustees work?

The Board of Trustees are shareholding members who have been elected by the membership to oversee/govern the organisation. 

As a member of the Board of Trustees you will work throughout the year, behind the scenes, to make sure that the whole organisation is ticking over, doing what it says its trying to do and generally heading in the right direction. You will meet with all other board members every 3 months as a full board meeting, at this meeting you will give updates on progress and outcomes, raise questions or set new tasks, these meetings, like the members meeting, a board meeting will follow an Agenda, but only members of the Board of Trustees will vote at these meetings.

What does the Board of Trustees do?

Our board members are responsible for providing oversight to the operations of the charity in accordance with their obligations as charitable trustees.

They are required to provide strategic direction and decision making in respect of the club in relation to:

  • Managing the Manchester Roller Sports property and assets;
  • Establishing oversight and control over financial matters
  • Monitoring the effective delivery of community services by the charity
  • Strategic decision affecting the future development of the Club

To achieve this, Board members are requested to commit a minimum of 4-8 Hours a month to attending meetings and assisting with the effective administration of Club business.

If you are unable to commit to the above level of engagement, we also are looking to recruit a pool of co-opted non-voting advisors to the board. These advisors would be invited to board meetings on an issue-by-issue basis to provide advice and guidance relevant to their given skillset.

Who can be a member of the Board of Trustees?

As a new club, Manchester Roller Sports is very passionate about attracting a great diversity of skills, viewpoints and experience to the Board of Trustees. This means, we are welcoming applications from anyone who strongly feels that they could have something to give or offer to the board of trustees or the organisation.

You will be expected to commit 4-6 hours/month on a voluntary basis to meet with other board members and assist in the administration of the club.

We will be electing upto 8 new members to our Board of Trustees in 2019. You will be elected for a maximum term of 3 years. We are particularly welcoming any applications from anyone who fits any of the criteria below:

  • Demonstrable experience in compliance, management and oversight of operating a commercial leisure centre.
  • Is actively involved with the development and promotion of other groups within the local Ardwick Community 
  • Demonstrable experience in the strategic management and governance of a social enterprise
  • Proven experience in strategic fundraising & sponsorship, within the sports sector, the charity sector and/or the social enterprise sector
  • Active experience in Accounting, ideally at Finance Director or equivalent level for a small organisation
  • Current and ongoing experience as a volunteer, preferably within the organisation
  • Experience of playing, coaching, administering or managing any organised roller sport activity (including but not limited to, roller skating, roller derby and/or roller hockey)
  • Experience in HR and volunteer management, 

As a new organisation, we will all be learning and the board strongly promotes a culture of patience and understanding. To assist all existing and incoming board of trustee members, an investment has been made by Manchester Roller Sports to make available external training and support for all board of trustee members from the NCVO (National Council of Voluntary Organisations) and our Chief Executive Officer is supportive in enabling a culture of growth and learning across all levels of the Club.

How can I make a difference?

Manchester Roller Sports Limited operates from a facility based in Ardwick, Manchester. 

Year to date 76% of our visitors have come from postcodes within 1 mile of the centre. We are absolutely passionate about giving affordable, reliable, high quality experiences to local people that will build their confidence, strength, self esteem and resilience through sport on Roller Skates. You will be instrumental in helping us deliver on this vision.

Manchester as a whole is the 5th most deprived area in the UK and is split into 32 wards. Our visitors mainly come from Longsight and Ardwick along the A6 corridor. Longsight is the 5th most deprived are in Manchester from data on Indices of Multiple Deprivation and Ardwick is the 11th most deprived area in Manchester on Indices of Multiple Deprivation.

43% of 10 and 11 year olds in the area are overweight and 27% are obese, 35% of children are living in low income households and 42% of households are living in fuel poverty.

We want to allow these children, families and adults the opportunity to access and be involved with the ongoing development of our club, and to do this, we need you and your wonderful thoughts, input and experience.

How Do I Apply?

In the first instance please apply via email to [email protected] with a covering letter detailing how you fit the above criteria, what you feel you can bring to the board of trustees and why you would like to be involved with our organisation.

Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis by our Chief Executive Officer and Leadership team. You should expect a reply within 14 days of your application.

Manchester Roller Sports Limited is a charitable community benefit society. Registered No. 8121. Registered Office: Ardwick Sports Hall, 225 Stockport Road, Ardwick, Manchester M12 4DY.