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4 Tips for Roller Skating Beginners

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4 Tips for Roller Skating Beginners

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We love youtube videos, theyre a great way to learn and explain the basics of roller skating

Check out this video from Howcast:

They talk about roller skating tips for beginners.

If you’ve never roller skated before, the biggest thing that you need to think about is balance. You would think balance is pretty easy, but when you put wheels on your feet, it’s not so much.

So, when you put your skates on and stand up, get your feet into a  T position. So when you have the T position together, it’s one heel into the instep of the other skate. The purpose of doing this is so that your feet are underneath you, knees bent, your core is engaged, and that way your skates won’t roll out from underneath you while you’re standing there.

Next is forward skating, with your toes out, and rolling straight is toes straight ahead, forwards or backwards, and backwards skating is toes in. 

So if you start going backwards, just have a quick little glance down, your toes are probably pointing together, so stop, T-position, get your balance back underneath you, knees bent, and start again.

It’s easiest to start off with walking first because it’s kind of difficult just to put skates on and roll, so toes out, knees bent, and walk like a duck.

Small steps forward until you get your balance, and then once you have your balance you’ll be able to push to the side and let your wheels roll.

So those are a couple of tips for you beginners out there, and happy rolling.


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